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For nearly 20 years WRT has been assisting businesses throughout North America to reduce their waste and recycling costs as well as their medical waste and shredding costs. 


Our results are largely due to cost and process improvements in how waste is handled, transported and disposed.  

We define process improvements by utilizing the proper waste handling equipment, transportation techniques, vendor, and proper disposal and recycling destinations.

We bridge the gap between what waste haulers recommend and the services you actually need.




Steve O'Neill

As a previous owner of several successful small businesses, Steve is regarded as an innovative leader by his peers. As a previous owner of an independent waste hauler, he has over 22 years experience in evaluating and developing waste and recycling programs which simultaneously reduce cost while improving revenue. As a co-owner of Waste Reduction Team, Steve utilizes a comprehensive, hands-on approach to problem solving. He has been instrumental in developing waste management programs for our clients which focus on process, collection and recycling improvements.

Jerry Carlin Pic.jpg

Jerry Carlin

Founder and VP

Jerry is a retired police officer. During his career he worked as a consultant and adviser to landfill owners in Michigan. He was also the owner of a waste disposal company for 5 years. Jerry has over 8 years experience in waste brokering and consulting. He has a solid client base representing six million dollars annually. Jerry is the co-creator of a custom approach to waste consulting that is tested and proven to work.

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