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Typical WRT Program

  • Examine the current service levels, including collection, hauling and disposal.

  • Look backwards to understand why the current Waste Streams are in place.

  • This includes reviewing current waste and recycling contracts as well as the physical operation.

  • Document all findings and Identify cost and efficiency improvements.

  • Report and present findings to our client for approval.

  • Implement approved ideas.

  • Monitor actual results to ensure anticipated savings are realized.

Typical WRT Results

  • Cost Savings of 40%.

  • Increased Recycling of 20%.

WRT Programs are Risk Free and Transparent

  • Never pay more for any services than you are currently paying.

  • No Savings for you = No fee for us.

  • We do all the work and our fee is a percent of your savings.

    • We are truly your partners in this program.

  • We are not paid anything ever from any waste hauler or other vendor and we only work for you, our client.

  • Everything we do is transparent to your organization and you receive all copies of every underlying invoice as our backup to our consolidated invoice.

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