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Grocery Store Chain

  • An audit was requested to review 12 store's service, equipment, contracts and cost for current service.

  • Data was collected from corporate office files.

  • WRT visited each location and interviewed the Store Directors.

  • Analysis was performed to determine cost savings opportunities and presented to senior management.


  • One store received a credit for over charges.

  • 10 stores had service adjustments and cost savings.

  • Monthly waste cost was reduced by 41%.

  • Annual cost increase has been less than 2%.

Manufacturing Plant

  • Operations Manager was interested in learning if their waste and recycling programs were optimized.

  • WRTcollected data and reviewed current process for handling waste.

  • A detailed analysis was done to determine best option for equipment and vendor selection.



  • The need for roll off dumpsters was eliminated and both compactors were properly utilized.

  • Baling system was designed to efficiently handle 100 tons per month of cardboard. Staff was properly trained to maximize all recycling services.

  • Waste disposal bills have been reduced by 70%.

Distribution Center

  • Managers were being asked to reduce operation cost at their two facilities. Two waste haulers were claiming they were under contract at one location and creating decision making problems for management.

  • All contracts were reviewed.

  • A detailed analysis was done to determine landfill options for waste hauler, total volume and waste material.

  • Reports were created by WRT to assist customer in determining best action.



  • New service agreements were negotiated with both waste haulers to handle different services.

  • Equipment was properly located for optimal use.

  • With service and new pricing strategies implemented, the customer saved over 50 % for all services.

  • In the past three years the customer has not had a cost increase.

Multi-family Housing

  • Regional Manager requested audit of five different communities.

  • All had the same waste hauler.

  • Detailed review of current service and price was conducted.


  • Recommendations included service adjustments, strategic dumpster locations and new pricing.

  • New service agreement was negotiated for the new service.

  • Average cost savings for the 5 communities was 31%.

  • One property's follow up required a small increase in service to maintain customer satisfaction.

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