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We believe that all companies can save money on their waste and recycling.  The best part of our job is working with customers who have unique challenges.  Our people love finding cost savings in difficult situations. 


We have been very fortunate that many companies have trusted us to implement cost savings programs for them and this has allowed us to be successful. 



We work for our customers.  In the past, companies had to rely on their waste haulers to recommend services and equipment for waste and recycling removal.  This often leads to companies paying for services they do not need. 

WRT has the expertise to bridge the gap of what waste services a company needs against what a waste hauler can provide.



After nearly 20 years in

business we have successfully implemented projects with Multi-Site Manufacturers, Hospitals, Nonprofits, and small businesses across the United States.

There are common problems all companies face when choosing waste and recycling needs.  However, every company is unique so we tailor our solutions to achieve the best waste and recycling solution for each client.



Waste Reduction Team specializes is reducing 

Waste and Recycling costs for our clients. 


For nearly 20 years, our program has consistently

generated saving of 40% for our customers.  

We are so confident in our ability to find and implement savings projects that there is no upfront cost for our customers.  We operate on a shared savings model.  If we can't save you money then we do not get paid.  


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